Since I've installed the on-grid system provided by SSE, my energy bills have dropped down to Rs. 400 - Rs. 600. The system is practically maintenance free and whatever care is required, is taken care by SSE O&M team. They have also applied for net metering scheme and I really appreciate the initiatives of the Government and SSE for this particular arrangement.

Now I don't fret over inflated energy rates. I just sit back and let the sun do its work.

Mr. Kailash Narayan

Bhopal, M.P.

I had a 3 kW off-grid system. SSE offered to convert to on-grid with net metering. Earlier, I had to pay electricity bills of around 1000 Rs. average monthly although I was using off-grid solar system. After converting to on-grid and installing a net meter my bills are reduced to a mere 200 Rs. per month and I have so little maintenance to worry about. Earlier it was either the battery, or the off-grid inverter, or some fuse that would disrupt the continuity, now due to the simplicity of the system, I get a seamless performance. I generate almost 450 units every month. Thanks to Shaktisteller, now I own a power plant. 

Mr. C B Chansoliya

Bhopal, M.P.

I installed a 1 kW system from Shaktisteller about a year ago. I haven't consumed any extra units from the electricity board since. I like the independence an on-grid solar brings with it. It all averages out over the months and this system keeps working even when you are not at home. The meter takes care of excess units and helps utilize them when you consume more than average. 

S N Roy

Bhopal. M.P.

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