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White Paper


"Unlock the power of the sun" explains the best and the most common methods to tap into solar power with some basic terminology explained in a very simple way.

Shaktisteller Energy Solutions in collaboration with ulaunch has released the first volume of ‘RENEWABLIUM’, a newsletter that focuses on practical aspects of technology for researchers and enthusiasts. 

Solar Case Study

A case study for a 30 kW solar rooftop installed at Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh is presented illustrating the financial savings considering regular degradation of the solar panels.

Operation Manual

Basic grid connect terminologies, basic concepts, safety and important guidelines that should be followed when maintaining your solar system.

Energy ROI

Energy return on investment via solar and a simple forecast that illustrates what a solar rooftop system does for your home or business.

Solar for home

A presentation for "Why you must install a solar rooftop plant" for residential customers

Solar FAQ's

Some frequently asked questions  relating to solar rooftop installations for residential and industrial customers. 

Net Metering 101

This document explains what is net metering and gives a general overview of the financial system that facilitates net metered solar rooftop systems in India.

Solar Policy MP

Madhya Pradesh Policy for Decentralized Renewable EnergySystems,2016

Solar Products

A simple product guide with the advantages of utilizing solar energy with detailed product description and system design.

Solar Services

Shaktisteller Energy Solutions services offered with respect to solar rooftop installations.

Shaktisteller PV brochure

Energy Efficiency installers trust the expertise of Shaktisteller to deliver & install their renewable energy products, photovoltaic systems metering solutions. 

Net Meter Application Form

Download the net metering application form for a new solar service connection

Net Meter Replacement Application

Download the net meter replacement application form

Net meter Agreement

Download the net meter agreement document

Intern / Training registration form

For internship / training opportunities download the registration form for internship / training and email a scanned copy to

Biogas Mannual

Download the user manual for Shaktisteller's kitchen waste based portable organic biogas unit BIOMAX-V

Biogas Brochure

Download the biogas brochure offered by Shaktisteller Energy Solution

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