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J J Dal Mill, Nemawar Road, Indore
J J Dal Mill, Nemawar Road, Indore

200 kW Panasonic Mono Half Cut Solar panels & Solar Edge Inverter

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200 kW JJ Dal Mill
200 kW JJ Dal Mill

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20 kW x 2, South Tukoganj, Indore
20 kW x 2, South Tukoganj, Indore

40 kW Panasonic Mono Perc Half Cut and Fronius Inverter

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J J Dal Mill, Nemawar Road, Indore
J J Dal Mill, Nemawar Road, Indore

200 kW Panasonic Mono Half Cut Solar panels & Solar Edge Inverter

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Shaktisteller Energy Solutions


No.1 Solar Energy Company in Central India


Substitute your energy consumption through solar panels on your roof. 

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Reduce local emissions. Convert your IC engine motor-bike to an EV.


Fully Integrated Solar Street Lights with automatic ON/OFF and proximity sensor for reduced energy usage.

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Convert organic waste to cooking gas. Save tonnes of LPG with our portable Biogas digester.


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Expert client consultation with service, maintenance & performance guarantee.

About US


Energy sector in the world was under a tremendous transition & India was adapting to the changes rapidly. Our founders had this "vision" where we help to adopt the emerging energy efficient technologies easily and effectively.


7kW Ayyappa Temple Bhopal

New 7kW installation at the Ayappa Sewa Sangham BHEL, Bhopal. This sustainable temple would generate a total of 12096 units every year which is equivalent to saving Rs. 80,000 INR every year.

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6kW Swaminarayan Temple Sehore

After our successful installation at Swaminarayan Temple in Indore, we got an opportunity to install rooftop solar panels for Swaminarayan Temple in Sehore. This 6KW solar rooftop installation can generate a monthly energy worth Rs. 7000/- approx.



20 kW Swaminarayan Temple Indore

20 kW solar rooftop installation with premium quality panels and inverters for an estimated daily generation of 100 kWh. Meant to supply the entire temple consumption, this on-grid system generates a monthly energy worth of 21,000/- Rs. and is

located at the Mumbai-Agra national highway at Mundla village. 


20 kW Pushpanjali Hospital

A 20 kW solar rooftop system for a 5 storied, multi specialty  hospital in Bhopal. One of the most renowned doctors of the city, Mr. Nishant Jain and his wife, Mrs. Varsha Jain installed this system as an inclination  towards green energy and cleaner sources. 


30 kW Madhur Courier

A moment of success as the prestigious Madhur courier services, Bhopal office offered Shaktisteller a chance to install a 30 kW system for their premises. 

This premium 30 kW system boasts a daily generation of 150 kWh and a 31,000/- rebate in electricity bills. 


10 kW Global School of Excellence

Located in the city of Sehore, this 10 kW system is installed in the premises of Kanti Devi Shikshan Sansthan. It will provide 1500 kWh of energy per month to the school for a time of 25 years. 


Power Quality

Power quality ridden Indian electricity boards keep the installed solar grid connect system oscillating between Is-landing mode and connect mode. We at Shaktisteller try to mitigate various power quality problems that affect the solar on-grid system.

Electricity Plugs

Electric Vehicles

An e-vehicle is relevant only when it provides all the comforts and power of conventional vehicles present today. Using ZEPT* (patent pending)  our

e-motorcycles are equivalent in torque, speed and comforts of a conventional 110~150 CC IC engine motorcy

Mechanic Repairing Motorcycle


Finding cow dung in urban areas is as difficult as it can get. A portable system which considers urban space constraints and uses all kinds of organic waste for conversion into cooking gas and manure is what we aim at. We are working on gas level indicators and apps that let you monitor your biogas system for efficient and maximum use.

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On-Grid Inverters

Our revolutionary MPPT algorithm allows the on-grid inverter to filter out power quality problems for the solar system. It also allows to maintain a stable output during voltage sag/swell by sacrificing efficiency. The overall power output naturally increases.

Increased stability by sacrificing a bit of efficiency.

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